Say "Hello" thread

Thread intended to say “hello” to community. I hope it’s good idea to have place such as this here.

I’m Tomasz, 22 years old. I’m with Linux since 2014. Before February 2019 with XFCE, now with GNOME. I am enjoying GNOME simplicity, technologies and community.
I am creating websites. Sometimes I am trying to touch new languages by creating merge requests in some open source projects.
For some people I am known as author of gtk3-mushrooms. Don’t hate me because of that! :wink:
Hi, everyone!


Hello, thanks for starting this thread!

I’m Neil, and I’m 36 years old. I’ve been involved with free software for about 18 years or so. I started with Debian, and was the release manager for about 6 years, as well as serving a term as the Debian Project Leader.

I’m currently the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thread!

My name’s Adriene, I’m 20, been using FOSS basically since I had a computer. My dad is a senior systems engineer, and we didn’t have a single Windows machine in our household until I was about 15, so Linux is just the natural order for me :wink:

My first computer ran Ubuntu 6.06, and besides a brief use of Cinnamon and Unity in the early 3 days, I’ve been running GNOME ever since. I got curious about headerbars when they were introduced, and have been super interested and excited about UX and interaction design ever since.

Really excited to help out GNOME in any way I can and look forward to engaging on here!


Hi, I’m Federico Mena-Quintero, 42 years old. I’m one of GNOME’s founders :smile: Currently working at Suse, as the maintainer of Librsvg and trying to get people interested in the Rust programming language. I’m part of the serving GNOME Foundation Board of directors, and chairperson of the Code of Conduct committee.


I’m Christian Hergert, 34 years young. I’ve been making things with Gtk for almost two decades. I’m currently employed at Red Hat and develop GNOME Builder along with its associated projects/plumbing. In the past I’ve worked on products such as Mono, MonoDevelop, VMware, and MongoDB. I generally write software in C, but maybe @federico will someday lure me over to something better.


Greetings, everyone, thanks for putting up this thread. :slight_smile:

I am Sriram Ramkrishna, (sri) and I’m 49 years old. I was the former director of GNOME Foundation and part of the engagement team. I’m known unofficially as GNOME’s community manager.


I’m Adam, 20 years old, started using the Linux desktop with Lubuntu 12.04 (in 2012) when a friend persuaded me to try the Linux desktop and have enjoyed having guaranteed free upgrades with software and being able to contribute in small ways (reporting and triaging a few Ubuntu bugs and sometimes bugs upstream (e.g. GNOME, GitHub projects (GitHub also has my attempted snaps, no fully working snaps so far!)), tiny bit of support on AskUbuntu, contributing on the snapcraft forum and Ubuntu community hub, often encouraging people who get annoyed with the status quo on places like OMG! Ubuntu!/Disqus to contribute to debate where the devs are (e.g. reporting bugs or discussing on Discourses) and I’d like to eventually do a similar thing with GNOME if possible to attempt to re-establish trust with GNOME (whose developers, I think, feel rather distant at the moment since so many conversations happen in unlogged IRC)). I’m currently using Ubuntu 18.10.

And that’s all really just procrastination on my university studies! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone, I’m Philip (age private), member of the volunteer board of directors of the GNOME Foundation, and maintainer of GJS. I have been a user of GNOME since 2002 or so, because I liked the idea of a free software desktop, and happened to get my hands on a CD-ROM of what was at the time Red Hat Linux. I made my first open source contributions in 2006, also as procrastination on my university studies, and started contributing to GNOME regularly in 2014 or so, as part of my job at Endless. Since late 2016 I have been the maintainer of GJS, GNOME’s Javascript interpreter.


Hey folks! I’m Chris, 19 years old. I’ve been using the Linux desktop for around 2 years now, starting with GalliumOS - a distro made for Chromebooks. I got started working on GNOME because something needed fixing, and I stuck around because of the awesome community.

I currently work on Fractal, and maintain Weather and Documents, and co-maintain Sound Recorder. I also am working on my own app, Social, for Mastodon.


Hi! I’m Alexander, 22 years old, also known as exalm on Matrix/IRC. I maintain Games and work on random stuff while procrastinating on university studies. I’ve switched to Linux desktop around 2009, and had been using it in dual-boot with Windows before that for as long as I remember myself.

I started regularly contributing on GNOME in 2017 after leaving my then-current faculty in university and getting a few months of uninterrupted spare time. It was a really eye-opening experience after a few years of not being able to contribute anything (or do pretty much anything related to programming) due to not having time or energy. After that I stuck around because the community is so welcoming and awesome, and now I probably spend more time here than anywhere else :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m Bilal, 24 years old, a future civil engineer. I started contributing to open source with Numix Project and Feedreader. I have enjoyed doing that and started getting more involved in GNOME and Flatpak. I’m currently the maintainer of Authenticator, co-maintainer of Feedreader, Sound recorder and involved in a lot of other projects like Flathub.


Hi! :grinning: I’m Sergey, 21 years old (too old! why can’t I be 17 forever…)

Some of you may know me from Mastodon. I’m a FLOSS enthusiast and I love to hack on stuff. I’ve been using GNOME for 3 years (after briefly using KDE), and being able to see & hack on code of the whole operating system, from apps to the display server and down to the kernel, is great.

I don’t really work on GNOME myself other than occasionally reporting bugs, though I’m closely following Mutter/Shell, librsvg and gtk4 development. (I’ve submitted a merge request to the Shell and got zero feedback from upstream developers, and that’s not exactly encouraging.)

I strongly believe in native apps over “web apps” or “PWAs” (despite doing some webdev work at the dayjob myself), open formats/standards/protocols and free software in general. I’m enthusiastic about Rust, Wayland (feel free to ask me questions about either!) and other cool tech.

I know a large number of programming languages, from assembly and C to JavaScript, C# and Python. I speak English, Russian and Esperanto (I’ve also been taught French in school but forgotten most of it).

I write Java, Kotlin and TypeScript at SmartDec. I’m also a tech editor at tproger, a popular Russian-language tech & programming news & tutorials resource.

I’m the maintainer of wl-clipboard and one of the people behind Darling. My other Wayland-related projects include Owl, a Wayland compositor targeting Darwin/Cocoa, and this Wayland client tutorial, still unfinished, which is being considered for integration into the official Wayland docs. If you can read Russian, check out my post series on Android internals over here.



I’m Georges Stavracas, 24 years old. You may know me as feaneron on IRC. I’m a software engineer at Endless for more than 3 years now. I also have a Masters in Natural Language Processing, and love researching, but don’t do it anymore.

I started using GNOME back in 2004, through Fedora (which was, quite frankly, a disaster back then!), but found Arch around 2006 and stayed with it ever since. However, I only started to get involved with GNOME in 2013, initially with translations, but then with code.

Today I maintain GNOME Calendar, GNOME To Do and GNOME Settings (aka Control Center). But I also regularly contribute to Mutter and GNOME Shell – due to particular interests, and also due to my day job at Endless. I used to contribute to GNOME Music as well.

You can read my whereabouts at


Hey all!

I’m Britt Yazel, 27(?) years old now, and living in Northern Cali. I’m almost at the end of my PhD in Neuroscience/Neuroengineering, with hopefully only one more year to go, and I’ve been using GNOME for all of my University work, and have been using Linux since I was in highschool.

I joined the :gnome: GNOME Foundation alongside my partner Caroline Henriksen last year, and she and I have been active as part of the Engagement team since then. I’ve been mostly managing social media accounts and helping with our different conferences, and she’s been handling all of the graphic design for all of our marketing/print materials for a while now.

I’m happy to be here, and once my doctorate degree is over I hope to do even more! My goal is to start a company to help disabled persons with low cost, open source neuro-innovations. :slight_smile: We’ll see how that goes


Ooy ! I’m Kazhnuz !

I’m 26 yo, and I work in an helpdesk after studies in philosophy and education sciences (I’ve got my master on a work about computing habitus). I got interested in GNOME because of its design work, after some years of using Cinnamon and MATE. I’m especially interested in design experimentation, and I love lurking at the various design work by the design team.

I’m not really a foundation member nor a dev using GTK, more a GNOME enthusiast that is mainly interested in reaching out people, communication and “making people discover stuff” (that’s why I maintain awesome-gnome, even if I should really rework some stuff on it : ). I’m especially interested in this forum as a way to try to help more the project in my domains !



I’m Kristijan, 22 yo. Web dev. I’ve been experimenting with Linux desktops for over 10 years, but the point when I converted forever from Windows to Linux was when Unity7 came out and I bought a Dell laptop that came preinstalled with Ubuntu.
Since then my main machine was always Ubuntu but I had an extra laptop which I used to explore/test like 50+ other distros.
As far as the contributions, I’ve helped in translating Ubuntu to Croatian language. I’ve translated Unity8 to Croatian. Helped with testing Ubuntu Touch and Unity8 etc.
Now I see a bumpy but possibly very bright future with Ubuntu + GNOME combo.


Hi! o/

I’m Felipe (feborges), 26 years old. The first operating system I ever used was already Linux. I started contributing to GNOME translations and speaking about it at conferences back in 2008 when I was 16 years old. My involvement with the GNOME project was key to my decision to study Computer Science. Later on, I participated in Google Summer of Code, with GNOME Documents/Tracker. In the last year of my degree, I got a part-time opportunity at Parafernalia, a company that at the time was working under contract to Endless writing some apps for their operating system.

For the last three and a half years, I have been working in the Red Hat desktop team. I currently maintain and develop GNOME Boxes, I take care of the printing stuff in GNOME, and I regularly hack on other components such as GNOME Settings.


Hi all,

I am Kristi , Program Coordinator of the GNOME Foundation.

Former Chairwoman of the Open Labs Hackerspace for 5 years and I have been involved in Free Software for around 7 years.
Co-organized for many years Open Source Conference Albania (one of the biggest Free Software events in Balkans). I am a Mozilla Representative and Tech Speaker with the focus on “Diversity and Inclusion in FLOSS” and this is the project that I worked on with at the Outreachy.
I have studied International Relations and Diplomacy with a focus on "Online diplomacy and Free Software.

I am soo happy to be part of this very nice community :heart_eyes:


Hi, I’m Víctor and I’ve been using Linux for almost 20 years now. I’m a core developer/maintainer of MATE Desktop (the continuation of GNOME 2) and I am mostly interested in what the GNOME and GTK teams are doing so that I can steal code backport fixes for MATE :wink:

I also currently work at Red Hat on OpenShift-related cloud technologies.


Hi, I usually go by the irregular name of “NoNo”. I use Arch Linux because it has an extremely comprehensive wiki, it’s a great distribution for learning about Linux, and it also offers an unmodified version of GNOME (no 3rd party theming that I have to turn off, etc). I haven’t contributed to GNOME yet but I follow development updates. I’m younger than most people here—I’ll be attending high school next year.