Announcement: GNOME will be mentoring 9 new contributors in Google Summer of Code 2023!

We are happy to announce that GNOME was assigned nine slots for Google Summer of Code projects this year!

GSoC is a program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. A number of long term GNOME developers are former GSoC interns, making the program a very valuable entry point for new members in our project.

In 2023 we will mentoring the following projects:

Project Title Contributor Assigned Mentor(s)
Make GNOME platform demos for Workbench Akshay Warrier Sonny Piers, Andy Holmes
Rust and GTK 4 Bustle Rewrite Dave Patrick Caberto Bilal Elmoussaoui, Maximiliano
Create a New “System” panel in GNOME Settings Gotam Gorabh Felipe Borges
Implement backlog search in Polari IRC client Gurmannat Sohal Carlos Garnacho, Florian Müllner
Integrate GNOME Network Displays features into GNOME Settings Pedro Sader Azevedo Felipe Borges, Claudio Wunder, Jonas Ådahl, Anupam Kumar
GNOME Crosswords Anagram Support Pratham Gupta jrb
Make GNOME Platform Demos for Workbench Sriyansh Shivam Sonny Piers, Andy Holmes
Add Acrostic Puzzles to GNOME Crosswords Tanmay Patil jrb
Flatpak synching between machines Tim FB Rasmus Thomsen

As part of the contributor’s acceptance into GSoC they are expected to actively participate in the Community Bonding period (May 4 - 28). The Community Bonding period is intended to help prepare contributors to start contributing at full speed starting May 29.

The new contributors will soon get their blogs added to Planet GNOME making it easy for the GNOME community to get to know them and the projects that they will be working on.

We would like to also thank our mentors for supporting GSoC and helping new contributors enter our project.

If you have any doubts, feel free to reply to this Discourse topic or message us privately at


Week 1 message for interns

*Each of the interns also received this message on their email.

Congratulations: you did it! The GNOME community is glad to welcome
you, and to have you participate in Google Summer of Code and work on

Some of you already know the GNOME community quite well, but it might
not be the case for every one of you. That’s not a problem: GSoC has a
community bonding period, where you will have time to get to know the
community before starting the real work. If you are into history, this
is a great video about the history of GNOME

If during the GSoC, you have a problem with your mentor (lack of
communication, or misunderstandings, or deep disagreements, or
anything else), don’t hesitate to contact the GNOME administrators

Firstly, we suggest you contact your mentor and subscribe to our gsoc
tag in Discourse (click the bell
icon on the top right). And then proceed to introduce yourself at our
“Say Hello” thread at
Say "Hello" thread so other members of
the community have a chance to get to know you, your mentor, and your

Planet GNOME is an aggregator of blogs of GNOME contributors. From now
on, it will serve as your morning newspaper :-). We ask that you add
your blog to Planet GNOME, and write updates about your work during
the internship period every two weeks. Of course, you are welcome to
blog more often too! It is exciting that you will have a voice on
Planet GNOME right from the start and it is a very important way to
let the GNOME community know about the work you are doing! This will
also allow us to keep track of your progress.
Once your blog is added, please write an introductory post and start
blogging about your work on GNOME and other things that you see
relevant for Planet GNOME.

To get your blog added to Planet GNOME, please follow the instructions
at PlanetGnome - GNOME Wiki! (no worries if you don’t want to
have a photo).

Secondly, you should join the “GNOME Hackers” chat room and our “GNOME GSoC” chat
room on Matrix. If the project that
you are working on has dedicated channels, make sure you join those
too (ask your mentor). If you have any doubts about our chatting
platforms, check GettingInTouch/IRC - GNOME Wiki!

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to send an
email to the administrators, ask your mentor, or write on our
Discourse under the #soc tag.

Small summary:

  • Make sure you’re in contact with your mentor(s)
  • Subscribe to our Discourse tag to receive news and updates about
    your internship
  • Get your blog added to Planet GNOME
  • Publish an introductory blog post about yourself and your project
  • Join the relevant chat channels
  • Get to know the GNOME community
  • Get ready to start working on May 29

Welcome and Congratulations!


Congratulations to all interns that got accepted to Google Summer of Code!


Thanks for having me, folks! I’m excited to work together with you all :footprints: :heart:

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