Google Season of Docs 2020

GNOME is participating for the first time in Google Season of Docs so this makes your journey even more special with us as you are our first batch of GSoD! Yay !!!

GNOME is almost 23 years old now and every passing year we get rejuvenated with new contributors and interns from programs like GSoC and Outreachy. Now that we have started the journey of GSoD so this helps us even better! Documentation is a major constituent for any project’s attraction capabilities.

GNOME has a history of successful interns who stayed with us for a long time and enjoyed their time here quite a lot. Our GSoC and outreachy interns are now mentors and maintainers who help new students and growth of overall project now :smiley:

We wish that you will find the same experience with our warm and welcoming community, enjoy your GSoD time quite well and maybe who knows stays with us for a long time :wink:

We encourage you to take some time to watch the recordings of Jonathan Blandford’s “The History of GNOME” talk 2 in GUADEC 2017 so you can grasp how we have grown and evolved since 1997.

The first thing you want to do after celebrating your acceptance is to contact your mentor and get hang of our communication channels which are mainly irc and discourse so that it gets easier for you to look for someone when stuck.

Second thing can be introducing yourselves to our wider community via Say "Hello" thread and also for every question regarding Google Season of Docs, write us in discourse at our category where all mentors and admins are registered

Third, you can discuss with your mentors how to report your work to the community, in case of GSoC it’s in the form of blogs, but in case of GSoD you and your mentors can decide the best option.

In case if you are in doubt related to the program it’s totally normal to ask any, we have a dedicated Discourse category called Community Outreach where students can discuss anything they like about the program or their doubts.

Feel free to discuss things and doubts on your project openly with your mentors, they are here to help you out.

If during the duration of your program you run into problems with your mentor(lack of communication, or misunderstandings, or deep disagreements, or

anything else), don’t hesitate to report that to

In these turbulent times of COVID-19 we hope that this virtual internship would be a refreshing and lovely experience for you with great learnings gained at the end.

Last but not least, have fun and stay safe!