GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections 2024 - Candidates

Foundation Members,

I’m happy to announce the following candidates for this year’s Board of Directors elections:

Allan Day, 2024 Board Candidate: Allan Day
Julian Sparber,2024 Board Candidate: Julian Sparber
Julian Hofer, 2024 Board Candidate: Julian Hofer
Robert McQueen, 2024 Board Candidate: Robert McQueen
Manuel Genovés, 2024 Board Candidate: Manuel Genovés
Regina Nkenchor, Board Candidate: Regina Nkenchor
Sammy Fung, 2024 Board Candidate: Sammy Fung
Pablo Correa Gomez, 2024 Board Candidate: Pablo Correa Gomez
Jonas Dreßler, 2024 Board Candidate: Jonas Dreßler
Federico Mena Quintero, 2024 Board Candidate: Federico Mena Quintero
Karen Sandler, 2024 Board Candidate: Karen Sandler

Please see GNOME Foundation 2024 Elections Candidates for more details.

Foundation Members are welcome to ask questions to the candidates via Discourse at:

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Please try to avoid duplicates, and bear in mind candidates invest a lot of time in answering questions.