Emblems in Nautilus are (almost) back

I had written in previous posts about some widgets I was working on, and one of these was an emblem picker.

I wasn’t working on it just for the sake of experimenting, the idea was that of bringing it to Nautilus Annotations.

Well, we are almost there. I will only need to audit it for a little bit, and then I will need the forum’s help with its CSS.

The good thing is that emblems in Nautilus are (almost) back.



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It would be great to see something in Nautilus that is actually useful. I stopped using it for lack of features and unfixed regressions.

Well, with the latest release of Nautilus Annotations emblems are back after all :slight_smile:



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Thanks for your efforts!

Brings back old times. :)

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I, too, pine for gmc sometimes. Some of each generation are doomed to reimplement the file manager from scratch, whilst others reimplement mutually-incompatible theming engines for it.

Meanwhile, in 2022, I am still using locate to find my files on a Linux system, and yet I am part of the problem because I do nothing to affect the state of things. At least @madmurphy is giving it a go.

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You are very welcome!


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