Feature Request - Pin folders to the top in the Nautilus File Manager & Folder Colors

1.It would be nice to be able to pin folders to the top of the Nautilus File Manager, like in Nemo (view at AskUbuntu). I think this is a must.
2. Implement the option to change the colour of folders on right click (like Nemo).

Hello Marius!

I saw on your AskUbuntu thread that a user suggested you use the Starred (“Favorites”) feature, but you only commented on bookmarks. It would be nice if you comment on the Starred feature here: have you tried it? If so, why don’t you use it to pin folders? If so, what does pinning folders to the top allow versus using the Starred feature?

Could you describe your use case for this?



  1. The Favorites menu is Global, showing folders from all locations, so it doesn’t help me. I work daily on 5 -10 projects which I have them in the Sidebar, each of these projects has several folders, and daily 2 or 3 folders are priority, so I pin the folders in that project to display at the top. The pinned folders are not for a long time, so I Pin and Unpin folders daily. It’s simple, the Pinned folders are a priority in that Project.

  2. Folder colors are the equivalent of web tags for me:
    Red Folder - Bug Fix (high priority).
    Yellow Folder - Applications
    Blue Folder - New Features
    Green Folder - Documentation
    Folder color helps enormously, the method is used in quick organization/sorting by even the most important institutions in the world (trust me).
    Even this CMS app (forum) used by Gnome (Discourse) uses “Color Power” (besides categories and tags). For example here the Applications category has green color, other categories have other colors. So it’s helpful :slight_smile:


The problem I see with these two features is that we are missing a place for the item in the context menu. Something was done to shorten them because there are a lot of items.

Another problem I see with “Pin To Top” is that it conflicts with sorting, especially with list view if columns are used to sort. It doesn’t look right visually. And in grid view, I don’t see seeing a separate section suddenly appear. But that’s my personal view.

Other than that, if some folders are prioritized and you change that priority during the day, do you think sorting by “Recent Access” can be ok instead of pinning? (I see there is “Last Access” but it doesn’t seem to work correctly, or there is something I don’t know).

Also, I’m wondering if “Pin To Top” and Folder Colors could be a single feature, then use sorting. The use of emblems also seems interesting. For example: Emblems in Nautilus are (almost) back

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