Why new installer for Gnome OS?

Hi All,

First let me thank all the amazing work that Gnome and all the volunteers are doing. It is my favorite desktop and ecosystem.

Now for the question.

I do not know the technical details but I am wondering why a new installer is being developed for Gnome OS. Can the existing Linux installers like from Debian or Red Hat be re-used for installing Gnome OS?

Thanks for the kind words.

Long story short, none of the existing installers do what we need for GNOME OS.

In particular, we are betting heavily on systemd as “backend”. See for example GNOME OS + systemd-sysupdate

I only know Gnome as a GUI for Redhat, Debian etc. What is this Gnome OS? Will it be a separate distro? (Sorry for the question, I am new to Gnome.)

It’s a whole OS built by GNOME, mainly for QA purposes: https://os.gnome.org

It’s not a generic purpose OS, and it’s not “a Linux distro”.