What is GNOME OS?

I only know Gnome as a GUI for Redhat, Debian etc. What is this Gnome OS? Will it be a separate distro? (Sorry for the question, I am new to Gnome.)

It’s a whole OS built by GNOME, mainly for QA purposes: https://os.gnome.org

It’s not a generic purpose OS, and it’s not “a Linux distro”.

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Looks like Linux and still identifies itself as Linux (uname -s), doesn’t it?

The definition of a Linux distribution is a bit more comprehensive than “it’s an OS that uses a Linux kernel”; otherwise, Android and ChromeOS would be classified as Linux distributions.

GNOME OS is not a classical Linux distribution: it’s image based, immutable, does not have a package manager, and does not have a software repository for additional installable software.

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I see. From this aspect, thought if there are builds with another kernel (than Linux) and even with another userland (than GNU).