Why does GNOME Lock Screen require you to click or press a key before typing password or scan a fingerprint? And is there any way I can disable it?

I saw this question asked one year ago on reddit:
and wondered if it is going to change?
It would be nice to be able to type in password without each time pressing enter>password>enter - like in KDE or mostly in any other major operating system.
Thank you.


You can just start typing your password right away as well.

Brage is correct: you do not need to click or press a key before typing your password. And extensions are not enabled on the lock screen, so they shouldn’t be able to break this.

Perhaps you are using a modified version of GNOME?

I am using Fedora Silverblue and typing password right away doesn’t work. Character registering appear in a password field only after half of a password typed or never at all. I will check if it is working on Ubuntu later. Is Silverblue modified?

It doesn’t work on Ubuntu 22.04.03 LTS as well.

You can type the password right away; but if the computer is suspended, you should wake it up first.

For what it’s worth, I also use Fedora Silverblue and I can type in my password right away without the need to press any key beforehand.

I’m a bit confused. The first time logging in after reboot, logout, I need to press enter to type the password. On the lock screen when the computer is idle, typing the password without pressing enter would work.

Is that correct?

It is strange. Fedora is on one computer and ubuntu is on another and typing straight away do work on neither. When log in screen appear on KDE you already see log in field with the last user icon and can type, but on gnome it is showing only logo. Who would know why typing straight away might not work? Could it be because of an unusual password characters :frowning:

As others have also suggested it seems likely that your computer is not only locked, but also suspended. This means that there has to be some action to wake it up, which in this case is pressing a key on the keyboard. Normally, when you see the screen with the big clock in the middle, it should definitely be possible to unlock typing your password right away.

How to make it to be unlocked? In power settings I enabled “Automatic suspend” Off, because my laptop after suspend does not wake up.

I never saw the big clock on screen.

Would you mind posting a picture of your lock screen?

There it is:

Maybe it doesn’t work on my laptops because I disabled automatic suspend?

That screenshot is not the lock screen but the login screen. On the login screen you have to select the user first before entering the password.


Yes, it is login screen. I thought that login screen and lockscreeen is the same. So, is there a way to type in a password right away, like in KDE in login screen? Could it remember the last user used?

There are designs in place to achieve this, but nobody has done the coding work to make it happen

Oh. Maybe it will be implemented in a future release?

Maybe, or maybe not. It entirely depends if somebody wants to implement it.

Do you mean there’s no point in making an issue for that, because it’s already done, and now is missing sb to code ?

Hopefully this topic isn’t still closed, the gnome policy is flexible. :slight_smile: