Unable to locate tracker-sparql-3.0 in hirsute ubuntu

unable to locate tracker-sparql-3.0

when i am using “meson build .” command in gnome-music directory.
error : no tracker-sparql-3.0 found

then i tried to install it with apt-get

but it says…
unable to locate

please help here.

Hirsute does not ship tracker 3

Can you please suggest the other way to build gnome-music .
I am using gnome-builder.
I am trying to solve some beginner friendly issues/bugs.

Please help.

If you are using gnome-builder, the easiest way should be using the GNOME SDK/Flatpak build instead of building against your host

When gnome-music was opened in gnome-builder,
It asked to install them(sdk, platform) .
I pressed install.
And then it shows build fails.

And there is a problem with flatpak.
That I requested for help in my last question posted.

I am using Ubuntu on termux. Ubuntu installed via proot-distro.
And vncserver for display.

My last question posted regarding flatpak :

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