Translation of extension names and descriptions

Hello all,

When browsing, even though I am on a French language page of GNOME, extension names are English-only and so are all the descriptions. If I use the “Extensions” extension that shows extensions installed, it is exactly the same although, in most extensions, the configuration is translated to French.

Is there a way to view the list of extensions, in and in the “Extensions” extension in another language than English? Or is it so that both names and descriptions are English-only? For, I guess that web browser translation could be used but that would not work in the “Extensions” and could result in different translations to the same language depending on the browser and translation tool used, making it difficult for people using a language to discuss with each other.

Thanks for insights!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I observed these behaviours on Trisquel, Ubuntu and Parabola.

No. Name and description are provided by the extension itself, and the format used (JSON) isn’t supported by the framework used for translations.

There is an open merge request to switch to a format that supports translations, but it hasn’t gained much traction.

Thanks for your efforts on this. I would find a solution very useful, not so much for me but for people less comfortable with English.

I am not a developper but I could do testing if useful at some point. Is registering to the gitlab and configure some notification for anything happening on that issue a suitable way to be informed if testing is needed?

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