Support for amOLED mode?

GNOME now has dark mode officially. But, the dark mode is not fully black. Full black mode (also known as amOLED mode) is found in certain devices, that makes the visuals fully dark. As on OLED screens, the black colour doesn’t take any electricity, it efficiently saves energy, and also looks good on OLED screens. Any way to have amOLED mode on GNOME? What I think of possible solutions is creating support in libadwaita ilself, just how we have dark mode in libadwaita itself. Or maybe a an on-screen filtering over the shell, like Night Light that would optimise black shade colours for OLED?


AMOLED is a type of OLED but any self-emissive panel will benefit from a real-black mode. Phones are once again much further along in this regard.

The effect can already be observed in gnome-shell by setting a black background (panel on the left is backlit, on the right self-emissive).

Obviously this breaks already when going in the overview and applications are also not made with this in mind. It’s definitely something to explore IMO.

edit: Also, holy shit that color fringing with the triangular subpixel layout is even more horrible in photos than IRL.

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