Story with GIMP?

What’s the story with GIMP guys? It seems to be headed down a dark path.

I don’t want to be unhelpful however there seems to be some really strange decisions being made for this FOSS application. I’m on Linux BTW.

I’ve been using GIMP for too long to remember at this stage 15+ years. I’ve seen it go from an awesome image editor and file converter to a frustrating-to-use piece of software.

  1. What was wrong with the icon table showing all of the icons in the top-left of the screen (whatever it’s called)? Now, i have to hover and click. This NEVER works, so i have to go to the docs and get the shortcut. Yes I can configure this. I have many systems though. I have to switch all of them.

  2. What happened to the dynamic font selector? Do this even exist anymore? Why would someone remove this key design feature?

It’s become super-frustrating to use this software for numerous reasons. Are we trying to make it more difficult? Why are we moving in the wrong direction?

PS: what happened to the s**t-load of Bitcoin the community was sitting on? Did this every find it’s way back to the community?

I’m just venting here guys. I appreciate the hardwork the community has put into GIMP over the years.

HELP!! :slight_smile:

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  1. You can configure that. Go to Edit > Preferences > Interface > Toobox and disable “Use tool groups”. While there, you can configure which tools are in the toolbox.

  2. IDK what you mean with “dynamic font selector”. Maybe chapters 14: 5.6 text or chapter 9: 1.3 text toolbox in the help can be of use.

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I am not related to the GIMP project. To me, it seems that your story caused much anger in you. Perhaps I can take some anger out of this discussion and push things to a constructive solution.

  1. “Icon table” - you mean the toolbox, right?
    @jakedane already pointed out how to solve this. You might also find the information in GIMP’s help useful.
    Some background information: Based on a pretty structured feature request in 2015 this design was introduced in 2020 with GIMP version 2.10.18. The goal was to support users with small laptop screens to handle the many features in the toolbox. As I can see, there was a short discussion among developers in the bug tracker. I neither see nor know whether they based this design decision upon user research or discussing alternatives, such as fewer features, hiding rarely used features from the toolbox, verifying the proposed grouping or finding a good default set of shown tools. I doubt this took place, but somebody with a deeper knowledge about the development process at this time can correct me.
    Currently, their bug tracker holds some open bugs about toolbox grouping. Perhaps you find a bug where you want to add further helpful information.
  2. Dynamic font selector: I also don’t know for sure, what exactly you are missing. Is it the same as in your post from Dec. 16, 2022? Otherwise, could you explain a bit further, please?
  3. Spending donations: Only a member of the GIMP core team is probably able to answer questions about received donations and their use. I could not find much information on their website, but again - if somebody from the GIMP team is here, it would perhaps be a good idea to report annually about this. IMHO donors have a right to know this.

I hope, this helps.

Regarding donations, we’re actually in the process of building a better infrastructure for handling and reporting that information (including the Bitcoin donations). Hopefully we’ll be able to make an official announcement soon!

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I think others have replied to most of this.

ynamic font selector - under the Wndows menu, dockable dialogues/tool options, or dockable dialogues/fonts; these have not changed.

Finances - we do give a report; in the past it’s been first at GIMP Con and later at each year (was given last week), but as we move to a more formal setup we will probably be having a iull financial statement prepared, We do use donated money, although for rather complex readings (precedural, technical, legal, tax) we weren’t able to use the bitcoin money, we have (for moer than two years) been working on that one, and it looks like the situation will change in the next month or so.


@barefootliam, thank you for your clarification. I can confirm that I was unable to find any written financial reports on the web. However, I believe this may change in the future if I understand you correctly.

Regarding the “Dynamic Font Selector” feature, I have been thinking about it and I remember that a user can dynamically change the font in the following way:

  1. Type a text into the text area on the canvas.
  2. In the dockable Font Tool Options Dialogue, hold the mouse over the Font button to the left of the font name. Now scroll with the mouse wheel up or down to change the font on the canvas.
    I have successfully reproduced this with GIMP 2.8.22 as well as the current 2.10.38 (thanks to and Ubuntu Studio). I don’t know about future GIMP 3’s behaviour.

Anyway, the term “dynamic” can have many meanings in the given context. Here are two more:

  • a dynamic text box vs. a fixed-size text box
  • a dynamic (=variable) font vs. a static font.

As long as the original poster does not clarify, it’s not our task to do the guesswork. I’ve already spent too much time on this.