Scrolling throught the fonts dynamically in GIMP

I’ve tried a number of online tutorials for this.

I want to scroll down the fonts in GIMP and have the selected text on screen change dynamically to the selected font.

I’ve had no luck so far. I’ve restarted GIMP. Still no luck.

Assuming you are using GIMP 2.10.32 in Linux…

(1) make a new image (File->New) in RGB or Greyscale
(2) press d to make sure you have the default black and white colours
under the toolbox
(3) press t to choose the text tool
(4) drag out a rectangle on the canvas and type some text, such as
Excellence in typography
Hamburger fontstiv
(5) in Tool Options, make sure the Colour is black so you can see the
text, and that the font size is large (e.g. 64 pixels)
(6) click on the Aa icon to the left of the font name (in tool
(in Arabic or Hebrew it may be to the right instead)

(7) at the bottom right of the pop-up font menu is an icon or button
for “open the font dialogue”; press it.
Or, instead of (6) and (7), use Tools->Dockable Dialogues->fonts

(8) Clicking on any font name in that list will change the font in the
active text layer

Note: this does not work if you have used the on-canvas font selection.
The on-canvas controls unfortunately make tool options stop working,
because they override the defaults that tool options are setting.

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