Single Shotwell library with one local + one remote picture directory

New Shotwell user here and really appreciating its simplicity and elegance. Thank you to everyone who has worked on it.

I am using Shotwell 0.30.10 on Ubuntu 20.04. I’m trying to figure out how best to use it given my setup, in which images that are part of a single logical library (and should be part of a single Shotwell library) are stored in two different locations, as follows:

  1. /home/username/Pictures
  2. smb://servername/sharename/Pictures

I have gotten this to work by setting Shotwell’s library location to #1, turning on “watch library directory for new files,” and placing a softlink to #2 in #1. So far this is working, and I have not experienced the samba import issues described in this thread.

But there is one significant downside: If I launch Shotwell while the samba share is inaccessible, Shotwell moves all of those images to Library > Missing Images, and they are no longer viewable in Library > Photos, by event, or by tag. When I next launch Shotwell with the samba share online, Shotwell laboriously “reimports” those photos; tags (although I’m not writing them to the files) are preserved, so that’s good.

My preferred behavior when launching Shotwell without access to the samba share would be for it not to move anything, just show me the pictures as usual in Library > Photos and by tag and event, and optionally to mark missing photos as such. I don’t see an option for that behavior, but I thought I would ask whether it can be done.

Thank you.

There is at least one ticket open to implement that - but I would really not recommend running Shotwell off a removable device of any kind right now. Or make sure that the drive is available when you start Shotwell.

Too bad, but thanks! I do see the tickets.

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