Shotwell: Import fails from samba share

My pictures are on a NAS mounted using samba. I’d like to use Shotwell to manage them but every time I try to import, I get this error message (copied from the log file):

error message:

The error message in Shotwell that pops up says this is due to a “file or hardware error”. How can I solve this?

Importing pictures from non samba locations works.

I’m using Shotwell 0.30.10 on Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.

Yeah somehow import from SMB shares mounted via GVFS is very flaky, sorry and I could never reproduce it against a “normal” Samba setup, but I see you are using the Fritz!NAS which I can actually try out

Thank you, @jensgeorg. That means, I should connect to the share differently in order to make it work? I’ve always used GVFS so far since it’s so convenient. Or could you somehow fix this issue?

You could try to mount it using mount -t cifs. I will have to debug it, though.

Ok, with the FRITZ nas I am actually able to reproduce this for the first time

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