Rough Shotwell "Roadmap" after April 22nd

The release of 0.31.90 on Sunday was most likely the last unstable release for Shotwell before 0.32, which is still going to happen on April 22nd.

Some notes on going on from then:

  • The versioning scheme will change, the leading 0. will be dropped. Everyone is referring to it by the number after that anyway.
  • Flathub will be updated to carry the new stable version
  • The nightly GNOME repository will also continue to carry the new stable version for roughly four weeks to give everyone a chance to switch to the flathub repository instead.
  • After that, I will make the GTK4 port the new main branch which will cause significant regressions, both in functionality and looks.
  • The main target for Shotwell 33 will be to get it running properly in GTK4 again as it was in GTK3, and to probably bring back the map widget.

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