Rendering 16 bit image in GTK?

How can in render high bit depth images like 16, 32 bit images in gtk, because GdkPixBuf only support 8 bit images?

You should use Gegl, the library used by the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and by GNOME Photos.

That being said, we don’t currently support sending any >8bit-per-channel data to the compositor.

does GEGL contain render? as I know it is for processing

anyway thank you,

I hope if anyone have experience in this forum explain howto display 16 bit image just like GtkImage

what does that mean does it mean what we see on gimp or gnome photo is not real 16, 32 bit colors
is that limitation on X11, or Wayland

What you see in the gimp are real colors. In what sense they are real depends on too much context to get into here.

To answer the more technical question, both Wayland and X11 (to some degree) have the ability to accept pixels with more than 8 bit per channel. But GTK always uses ARGB8888 visuals.

what I mean is if gimp display 16bit, 32bit, 64bit … etc images without converting them to 8bit

It doesn’t mean gegl isn’t doing proper 16bit or float processing of images,
but I am pretty sure that what you see on screen when you run the Gimp is at some point rendered as 8bpp.

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