How to display high bitdepth raw image data?


I have high depth (16 bit) raw image data (e.g. raw pixel values from a scanner) that I would like to display on modern MS Windows systems, using the GTK4 stack.

I found a thread on this from '21: Rendering 16 bit image in GTK? - #7 by joinlaw but sadly it is closed for new comments – are those recommendations still current?

Is it possible to do this with more than 8 bits depth in GTK, assuming the hardware and OS allows that?

The pixels values are measured/encoded in linear light. Is that input supported directly, or will I have to apply gamma correction? I read OpenGL itself does support linear light input and pixel shaders (can) work in linear light, and GTK uses OpenGL for rendering – so I am hoping some kind of pass-through might be available?

How do you recommend I should approach this nowadays? What, if the images are relatively small (say 800×600 pixels)? What, if the images are high-resolution scanned images of pages (e.g. 10.000×15.000 pixels)?

Or do you perhaps suggest another stack instead of GTK4?

Thank you in advance.

Hello! There’s ongoing work in GTK4 to enable HDR/WCG GL pipelines. I’ll take a look about Windows support :+1:

Thank you in advance.

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