Please create a gnome40 tag

Now that users are opening topics related to gnome40.

That’s not really what tags are for IMO. Tags are for specific topic like “glib”, “python” or “rust” that people can watch for if they have the knowledge/experience to answer. A “gnome40” tag doesn’t really call for anything that people would want to watch for specifically. Also, having this tag would mean it would make sense to have gnome41, gnome42, and at this point it’s an endless mess.

But that’s just my opinion anyway, I can’t create tags.

No. That’s not how tags work, and we don’t have tags for previous versions.

If you have a question about specific components, use the tags for those—and specify their version in the topic.

If you have a question about the desktop, use the Desktop category.

I do understand.

I agree. But, how to make sure this is always followed.


Focus on autostart application by login is a gnome40 question without version information in topic.

If I want to look at all topics related to Gnome40, what’s the recommended way to find them ?


You read the first message in the topic, and ask for clarification if needed.

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