New question on creating new topic by email - sent from "new" email address

In a previous (now closed) topic: Email use of discourse - how to start a new thread I had asked about how to do this. I just tried for the first time, but inadvertently sent from my regular email address, not the email registered to the user I am currently logged in as. My current user is ostroffjh. The new topic, in applications with tag balsa, shows it was posted by Jack_Ostroff. What surprised me is that I would not have expected the post to be allowed by the “new” user, based on the criteria stated in that other topic. Oddly, I do have a login saved in my browser for user Jack_Ostroff, with a password of 32 hex digits, created and last used Oct 8, 2020. I tried to log in with that email and that user name, and using the forgot password link, it said no account matches either that name or that email address. Am I mis-understanding something, or should that post actually have been rejected?

I manually approved the post; Discourse put it in the moderation queue.

Thanks. It happened quickly enough that I hadn’t considered human
intervention. Hopefully I can remember to post and reply from my
“proper” email address.


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