Email use of discourse - how to start a new thread

I’ve read the FAQ on using discourse via email. Replying to an email received is easy, but only applies to an existing topic. How do I start a new topic with a given tag via email?

You need to reach trust level 1; that usually happens after you read enough topics, or in general interacted with the website for a little while.

That actually doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t answer my question.
First, what is the process for starting a new topic, assuming I do have
enough trust? What email address to I send to, and how do I assure it
includes a specific tag. Second, how does it know how many topics I
have read, if I receive all of them via email, and don’t use the web
site, which is the whole point of trying to use Discourse entirely
through email.



If you’re at least trust level 1 you can send an email to with [tag] in the subject, for the category and tag you want to create a topic for. That may not be enabled for all categories.

To reach a higher trust level you have to use the website. The trust levels are explained here. Basically: you need to enter 5 topics, read 30 posts and spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts to reach trust level 1.

You can use Discourse entirely through email, but that’s not the main way to use it. Emmanuele’s reply here gives more context: Sub Categories? - #6 by ebassi

And while 10 minutes may be pretty annoying for new users, please understand you only have to do this once, and it’s enough effort to totally shut down spammers.

That’s rather distressing to me. I used to read one gnome mailing list. When it was “migrated” to Discourse, I was told I could continue to interact entirely by email. (I accept that I have to use the web for initial configuration of my account.) Forcing me to use the web site to read messages I have no interest in just to be “trusted” enough to use the email interface is not a great user experience. (The list I’m interested in is very low volume, at least most of the time.)

In addition, yesterday, I turned on mailing list mode, but that’s clearly not what I want - I only want to get email for messages in the single topic I want to follow, not every new post on the site. If there’s a way apply a filter, that would be great, but it seems not.

I know I’ll get through this, but it’s already taken far more effort that it really should need.


Yes, I do realize the purpose, and that’s really the only reason I’m willing to do it.

The mailing list mode is kind of a trap: what you want is subscribe to categories, tags, or topics, by using the “bell” icon:

Screenshot from 2022-11-18 15-41-01

See the following topics:

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