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I would really like to be able to change the default lists that do not correspond to my use. Before it was possible… Like many people, I use a digital camera (photo and film scanning). So I have two types of image files, raw and jpeg that have the same name.
example: _1130576.JPG and _1130576.RW2
It’s “a bit” painful to have to modify each folder when they are created, just to have the mime_type. I did modify the “org.gnome.nautilus.list-view” variable in dconf, but nothing helped.

I forgot to specify gnome version 42.3 (gentoo)
It goes without saying that I try to separate the jpegs from the raw in another folder.
I tried the new version of gnome os in a VM, it’s the same thing, but worse, you can’t remove the stars anymore.
I confess that I never understood what this could be used for.

I do not completely understand what you want to do here. But,

If you want to separate all raw images (or PNGs) into a separate folder, then I have a solution for you.

  1. Open the folder which contains your image files.
  2. Press Ctrl+S and a text field will show up.
  3. Type *.RW2 in the text field and press Enter.

All .RW2 files in current folder will be selected and you can do whatever you want with the selection like moving it into a different folder.

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That’s what I want to do, maybe the google translation isn’t subtle enough.
Thanks, I didn’t know about this keyboard shortcut.
Afterwards, I’m sorry to insist, but if we could simply arrange the default lists it would be really easier. I have no problem using keyboard shortcuts for certain applications. but for a file manager, I stick to the basics ctrl/-a -x -c -v -n -w -q -t… F1 F2. For me we arrive at the end of the KISS system

From this topic, it seems like GTK (the widget library Nautilus uses) does not currently support that. Maybe they will add that feature in Nautilus when it is added in GTK.

Hi. I don’t understand what’s being asked here either.

If you sort files by type, jpeg and raw are grouped separately from each other.

Certainly, what I want is to configure nautilus to have the columns I want and not have to reconfigure them each time a folder is created. The RAW and jpeg files were for example only. I don’t think it’s that extravagant.

I went to see, but I don’t prefer to “tinker” my gnome installation too much. Gentoo with OpenRC and gnome is already complicated enough.

Configuration for configuration sake?

I have always done in software at the desktop configuration level.

  • The same wallpaper for years (suou & july darker than black).
  • Minimize/maximize on windows
  • The dash/doc on the left side. (One of these days, someone will have to explain to me why you can’t put your doc where you want. It pisses everyone off and you have to install an extension)
  • Nautilus in list view with: detailed name / size / type / last modification
    and basta



I want to know if there is any practical problem (like the raw vs jpeg one) which I can help with. Otherwise, if it’s just for configuration sake, I cannot help.

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