More custom widgets: “tagged entry” and “flow” – updates

This is just an update. I kept working on my “tagged entry” widget. The tagged entry part was pretty easy to write (it is a composite widget), however it was very hard to build a generic “flow” widget with an own layout manager – the latter is a bit similar to a GtkFlowBox, but does not align things in columns, plus it has a GtkOrientation (implements a GtkOrientable), a GtkTextDirection and a GtkJustification.


As I mentioned, my “flow” widget is generic, non-composite, not related to my “tagged entry”, and can
potentially have plenty of other applications.

I still need to adjust a lot of things in both widgets. I hope the forum’s CSS gurus won’t eat me alive, this is just a draft (but any suggestion is welcomed).

As soon as I am able to put a bit of order in my code I will share it.