Merge requests that need attention, 9th October 2020

Recent merge requests in need of attention

This list shows 10 merge requests which were opened a week or more ago but have not yet received feedback.

I said last week that I’d include some non-first time contributions, but I’m still working on getting it right. Looks like we still have plenty of first-time contributions in any case :slight_smile:

gnome-calculator - Add metric cups

Opened: Oct 01
Author: @lucyCole

gnome-dvb-daemon - Fix for missing function “escape” in newer python versions

Opened: Sep 30
Author: @stpf99

seed - seed-os.c: include util.h for openpty() on macOS

Opened: Sep 30
Author: @chrstphrchvz

gdk-pixbuf - Fuzzers for gdk-pixbuf and potential OSS-Fuzz integration

Opened: Sep 28
Author: @ceyhunalp

gsettings-desktop-schemas - If USBGuard is running, follow default behaviour

Opened: Sep 28
Author: @morancj

gnome-calendar - Don’t crash when trying to add calendar from invalid URI

Opened: Aug 09
Author: @nilclass

vala - [#1034] With-statment: avoid connecting a signal to itself

Opened: Sep 25
Author: @nschrader

gnome-session - WIP: Separate out the logout and suspend inhibits

Opened: Sep 23
Author: @mterry

babl - Another project can add babl as a meson subproject

Opened: Sep 12
Author: @santouits

tepl - meson: use version-scripts only when supported

Opened: Sep 11
Author: @tschoonj


With this one I noticed you asked the author to squash the commits — GitLab can do that automatically if all you want is for several commits to be squashed into one.

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