Merge Requests that need attention, 2nd October

Recent merge requests in need of attention

This list shows 10 merge requests which were opened a week or more ago but have not yet received feedback.

Again, this list is limited to first-time contributions. Given that we are going back a month already, I am going to look at including non-first time contributions in next week’s batch.

gdk-pixbuf - gdk-pixbuf: add const qualifier to source pixbuf for get / copy option functions

Opened: Sep 23
Author: @crvi

gnome-session - WIP: Separate out the logout and suspend inhibits

Opened: Sep 23
Author: @mterry

Settings - Fix German translation for disabling keyboard shortcuts

Opened: Sep 23
Author: @ama0

gnome-mines - Alternative fix to broken rollovers #54

Opened: Aug 17
Author: @MiguelSanchezP

babl - Another project can add babl as a meson subproject

Opened: Sep 12
Author: @santouits

tepl - meson: use version-scripts only when supported

Opened: Sep 11
Author: @tschoonj

File Roller - Add info to appdata

Opened: Sep 09
Author: @msandova

json-glib - build: use more linker flags on Hurd

Opened: Sep 08
Author: @pinotree

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - 2fa

Opened: Jul 26
Author: @emelenas

cogl - glx: Fix closing of displays associated with xlib_renderer

Opened: Sep 04
Author: @gmmatsumura01


The File-Roller one I looked at. It’s a bit odd that aside from adding a content rating, it also includes only 1 release. It seems a bit weird; either add every release and a script to ensure it is kept up to date, or just stick to the content rating.

Super grateful to see this kind of tracking out there. Might be nice to put an auto label or something that we can generate this automatically and post it on discourse. (Assuming you haven’t done this already)

My eventual plan is to publish this as a webapp so it’s easy to copy+paste into discourse, but also easy to consult any other time. From there, autoposting would be simple as well – and an ‘auto’ tag seems a good way to distinguish automated posts from normal ones.

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Sorry that last message was meant for your tracker meeting - wrong thread.

Sounds great! Autoposting will definitely help but we will need to get developers to subscribe to it so that it will be effective. Maybe make it part of maintainer onboarding tasks?

We can move posts and replies in Discourse. :wink:

The Maintainer corner has various documentation:

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