Lots of glitches in Gnome Wayland

I’m new to Linux and I’ve come to discover that it’s difficult to figure out “who to blame”:

  • Blender that ships with Fedora reduces its mouse pointer size in Gnome/Wayland when you have display scaling on and scales the Blender UI. If I download Blender from the Blender website, this doesn’t seem to happen, so they suggest I should test things in ways I do not have knowledge/capability to do.
  • The Gnome file manager can’t mount the network shares on a Windows machine I have, but SMB4K can. However, this app sometimes refuses to respond to mouse clicks and after you force stop it (using Mission Control) the next time you launch it the mouse pointer disappears when inside the app so you still can’t control it. Or, it’s waiting for something on the network, because sometimes it wakes up after a very long time and I’ve noticed that just beginning to copy a file over takes a very long time. Maybe the problem even is my Windows machine and not Linux, but I don’t know.
  • Tuba tries to be very Gnome native, yet sometimes I have a bug where I need to click first on an image before I can start to zoom using multi touch gestures on my trackpad. On top of this, I’ve noticed that Tuba and above apps behave slightly different depending on whether I’ve woken my latop from sleep or not, and sometimes the Gnome login screen appears rotated 90 degrees because it thinks I’m in tablet mode, so I need to tilt the lid to get it back to desktop mode so maybe the problem is with the Microsoft Surface Linux support which is another thing to blame?

I posted a lengthy thread when I started using Linux and I love using it despite all this but I see why people say that “the year of the Linux Desktop is always next year”…

Not really “lots of glitches”.

You have:

  • a packaging issue (Blender)
  • an application issue (SMB4K)
  • a hardware support issue (resume from suspend)

You have the tendency to post walls of text as well, which makes it harder to answer questions. Plus, this is not really the place to vent about “the year of the Linux desktop” meme.