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Hello people
I am developing a personal finance management application for Gnome, written in C with GTK. If anyone wants to join the team, they are invited, even if they do not have much knowledge of development for Gnome, because regardless of winning something the coolest thing is to help the community.
Hugs and even more.

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Personal finance??? I built a basic banking account system in Java before, but what is the user requirements? I have never coded in C before or GTK I used netbeans instead, does GTK auto-develop code like netbeans? Is there any kind of UML modeling you want done also? I want to buy a linux laptop, my current computer is having issues and I have to RMA it or buy a new one and I had to pay off a scan-tool and now there is no money left for a laptop even though I have an RoG decent system the hinges broke on the screen.

What compilers should I use, I do have an ARM processor machine I am workong on right now that is really small memory probably not good for developer work.

I think that the laptop is repairable, I will just have to get some really serious glue or something.

Welcome. The development of the program is very early. For this reason I believe that a person who is not very aware of how to develop a program in C with GTK, will easily understand the logic of development. And regarding your question, I can’t tell you if NetBeans creates any C code with GTK. There is a link below so you can access the code I am developing.

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I am interested in something like this.
I am coding in GTK with C and have an YouTube channel

I need more information.

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I have 3 videos on YouTube of Gnome Builder if you can take a look, I believe that the more people can produce study material, the better for the community.


personal finance management application for Gnome and even YouTube videos of a GNOME Builder are all great proposals for the Community Engagement Challenge!


I had a look through the source but it seems to be mostly glue code. I downloaded and tried to build but its missing libgda-5.0. What is the app intended to do?

Do you have any mockups or Glade layouts to indicate its design? Something like these images from the app I’m working on now.



I’m changing the code for some classes to be interfaces so it’s kind of messy.
There are some photos in doc / images take a look there if you download it does not work it is missing some files and others that are in the repository I’m adapting the code.

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OK, that makes more sense. I guess I assumed the /doc folder would be empty at this point :grinning:

So its collects a list of transactions over time? I see there are categories and the ability to repeat on a schedule. You intended it to produce some kind of report, or a calendar view? Show transactions by category, something like that?

I guess its using libgda for database access at the moment, right?

The program will display graphs and reports of expenses, expenses, revenues, etc. I use libgda for database, it is already possible to register, delete, change and consult, data however I am thinking of working with libxm2. What do you think?

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Hmm, something of a mixed appraisal from me. What it does it fairly simple and that’s great. It’s not a spreadsheet app after all. Its supposed to do a simple thing easily and, from a design perspective, it really has to be easy. It has to provide something to make it more worthwhile to use this over just typing figures into Libre Office Calc. Perhaps tailoring the design to mobile might be a good way to make that distinction.

I would imagine it taking maybe four days to a week to put your app together. That’s speaking for just myself but I’m a very old hand at app development. You’re looking for a team and that might create more overhead in fact. It looks to me like you’re over-engineering it some-what, I see libgda and libxm2 as an unnecessary complication for example, I see a lot of glue but I’m not sure where the function is. The app I showed, has four pages of layouts, several popup dialogs, timers, animations, custom rendered controls, saving and loading and its about a half as many files as your project so far. However, given that you want a team that complexity might actually be a good way to separate tasks.

So putting that aside, I do think its a worthwhile project, particularly if you focus the design on mobile. I can see potential and I’m tempted to get involved from a code perspective but I think I would need to decide that on the basis of how your team would work.

As I said the project is at the beginning, and still very dynamic, new ideas are very welcome, diversity is good, I can’t stay focused only on my ideas, I have a little knowledge, and if you want to join the project Will be Very welcome. I don’t know if at this moment you have time to participate in the project but if you have and want to participate, as I said, you will be very welcome.


Speaking of complication, I couldn’t even get it to build. But that’s probably my fault, because I’m new to meson. I always like low-dependency stuff, and still rely on shell scripts and manually written (or autogenerated using my own scripts) Makefiles for building. I know it isn’t that productive, but that’s what I like.

Seems I have to change my view at least for community contribution. @galetedanilo, I’ll write my build experience as a separate comment.

Here is what I tried to get it built (and failed):

  1. git clone
  2. apt install libgda-5.0-dev
  3. apt install meson # No use; still old version in Ubuntu 18.04 (proj req. >= 0.50.0, 0.45.1 on the repo)
  4. pip3 install meson # got a newer version
  5. meson build

OUTPUT: data/meson.build:58:0: ERROR: File css/style.css does not exist.

NOTE: I had tried editing the build scripts to make it build with the older version, but had failed. Finally given up and installed the new version. But I’d re-cloned before trying it and getting the above error message.

I can join, if the language was Python. Also, @mwu can we propose more than one projects? Because I already submitted one.

Assuming ‘build.ninja’ doesn’t exist run meson . build then change to the build folder and run ninja. Obviously make sure ninja is installed first. Meson is a tool for generating a build file, ninja does the actual build.