How to upload gimp-help files to gitlab

I’m translating GIMP into Norwegian Nynorsk. I therefore need access to gitlab. How to get an account there for gimp and gimp-help?
I don’t understand any of Gnome’s explanations and need step-by-step guidance. I run Cygwin on Windows to emulate Linux, but have little experience with Linux. Using Cygwin has worked in the past, before GIMP was ported to Gnome.
I can upload the files from Gnome’s https pages, but want to use gitlab to be able to upload “translated” images. Also, to use the control facilities (“make validate-nn” and the like) that are in the system, and by creating HTML files to proofread the translations.
To be able to push the files, I want to download them with “git clone git” (copied from gimp-help).

The access to gitlab is public, you need an account only to WRITE to
gitlab. That means that you can start translating GIMP right away once
you got the updated gimp sources.

To download the gimp sources with the translation (*.po) files, open this page:

search (text box on the upper right of the page) for GIMP like this:

click on “GIMP”, you will see this:

on the right you will see a blue “Code” button. Click on it and it will list something like this:

  • Clone with SSH
  • Clone with HTTPS
  • Open in your IDE
    –Visual Studio Code (SSH)
    –Visual Studio Code (HTTPS)
    –IntelliJ IDEA (SSH)
    –IntelliJ IDEA (HTTPS)
    -Download source code

I usually prefer to “clone” with git because I can easily stay in sync
with the git repos and prepare commit to send to someone or to commit
myself to the Gnome git repo.

To use git obviously you have to install git either as a stand alone
program or with cygwin - your choice.

Just below the “Clone with ssh” there is the command line to use:

git clone

Then, when you have done some translation, you may:

  1. send your work to someone who has write permission to gitlab, like me
    or your translator team coordinator (see below), to commit your work to
    the gnome git repo for you, or

  2. ask for gitlab write permission. According to this page:

The Norvegese (Bokmål and Nynorsk) team coordinator is Brage Fuglseth.
Ask him to open a git account for you (you used to have one I think).

When you have one, ask me again for instructions.

In the meantime you can start downloading the gimp sources and
translation files using the method you prefer.

See also:

sorry I do not speak Norvegian…

There is no need for a specific “access to gitlab”.

  1. most of the time, commits can and should be done from Damned lies. If it doesn’t work (like you claimed in that topic) and it should, then open an issue as I explained in your other thread.
  2. for the few situations where Damned lies is unable to make the commit (new documentation translation, or images in documentation), one can fork the repository on GitLab and submit a merge request, with a link to the flow to prove the translation work was reviewed.

Many thanks, Marco. I will give this a try.
I have contacted the Norwegian administrator previously about other things and have contacted him again to ask if he has permission to give me access to upload files to gimp-help on gitlab.
I have downloaded (anonymous) gimp and gimp-help in Cygwin with “git clone https://…” and will work on these. Gimp UI is near 100 % translated as I used Damned lies.

Thanks for the clarification.
I have used Damned lies to upload my po files to gimp master and gimp-2-10 since there are no images. I prefer to use gitlab push for the gimp-help files since I can then push directly without bothering others. If I can’t get permission, I use the method you mention. Possibly with help from Marco if I need it.

It seems one bit of information got lost: this is not a matter of preferences. There is a process and it should not be bypassed.

@marcoc I just saw you push directly your translations. You need to stop that.

Does this mean I have to use Damned lies to submit my files without images?
When I translated GIMP a few years (5?) ago, I sent the files directly with “git commit” and then “git push”, so I thought this still was the easiest way.
Once GIMP comes up with my translations, there will be a lot of images that need to be “translated”. You write that “one can fork the repository on GitLab and submit a merge request, with a link to the flow to prove the translation work was reviewed.” How do I fork the repository and where do I send my files? I need a step by step explanation.
I am not a programmer but a translator not used to Linux, sorry. Emulating Linux with Cygwin on Windows if that matter.

You have to use Damned Lies for everything except:

  • images
  • new documentation translations

You also should not be pushing your own work directly. The point of using Damned Lies is that it should go through a review. You are part of a team, take advantage of it.

The fact that GIMP maintainers don’t complain about direct pushes is an anomaly, and a hindrance when it comes to software quality. By pushing directly, you are skipping GitLab and Damned Lies checks (both human and automatic ones).

The GNOME handbook has documentation on how to submit changes, that explains how to fork and open a merge request:

If any step requires additional explanations, I’m sure your language coordinator can help with that.

Thank you for the quick and comprehensive reply. Now I understand the reason for the changes.
I will study the manual when I need to. Waiting for a GIMP update.
I filed a bug report as you suggested about the issues with the gimp-tiny-fu file.

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I am (and was for ~20 years now … first contribution when it was a CVS repository, you can imagine…) the SOLE translator of the GIMP in Italian. You effectively stopped me now, for good.

@marcoc As maintainer of gimp-help I am fine with you continuing the way you have always done.

Although translating through Damned Lies is the preferred way, we don’t want to lose valued long-time contributors. I have never heard about any serious problems with the Italian translation of the manual, so please don’t stop your work now. Thank you.

What a coincidence! I have also been contributing to GNOME for 20 years!

As you may have noticed, we are not using CVS anymore and the process have evolved, for good reasons. If you are not ok with this and would rather stop altogether than adapt, that’s on you.

If GIMP wants to allow other sources than Damned Lies, then we will have to reconsider whether we want to keep it on Damned Lies.

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Just to add my 10 cents. I translated a bit of GIMP and some GNOME apps with Dammed Lies in the past and I agree that this shouldn’t be bypassed as a matter of respect to the whole translation team.

Sometimes, only one person is the team, but creating a Dammed Lies account willn’t hurt anyway.

Allowing direct translations is similar to allowing commiting to GIMP from Github simply because some conrributor don’t want to create a GNOME GitLab account.