How to turn off computer with one click?

In older gnome version it was possible to do so with dconf app. I could just pressed power button and system turned itself off right away. It was so convenient - no annoying dialogue box that it will turn itself off in 60 seconds - just two cliks with mouse or one with power button.
Is it possible to do it now?
It would be great if this option (to disable power off tab) could appear in system settings.
For those that think that it might be dangerous to loose unsaved work - I never regretted by turning this setting on for more than a year.
Please help.
Thank you.

I think I saw that question already some years ago, and they said that they like it this way. On my Gentoo box, I think I have to do three steps to turn it off, and a few times, when I was tired, I selected logout instead of power off, and then I had to log in again with GUI password, to continue poweroff sequence. My mon was using Gentoo-Gnome until 2016, I really wonder how she managed to turn it off, when it is even difficult for me. But maybe it is only Gentoo-Linux, or maybe there is an easier way, but I don’t know it. But the good thing is, that my current box consumes less than 10 W of power, and the monitor is automatically switched off after a few minutes of inactivity. And it is switched on automatically when keyboard is used again. Really nice, that was not working for me with older hardware. Maybe suspend would work too, but I never dared to try, I think I should make a good backup before.

Hello @Computeris !

Two ways:


Yes, it worked.
I tried so many things like: deleting dconf configuration file, creating new user account, resetting all settings. But it seems it stopped working because of that new feature in the Gnome Shell extension. :frowning:
I thought it was strange - I could change all other dconf settings, but not the one.
Tank you very much.

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