Improve GNOME desktop experience for non-touch devices

Hi all,

I’ve been using KDE Plasma for half a year now and windows for 32. In Windows I’ve noticed over the years the amount of clicks needed to navigate to the desired action slowly increased; Like save/open files and power off / restart. In windows I could fix only the latter, invoking a shutdown script from the taskbar. In KDE I could achieve the same and also made my workflow much more efficient by using Virtual Desktops and Automatic Window Tiling.

My first linux installs were GNOME and although the workflow was in essence what I was looking for, I also found it a bit too clunky and in my way. So I started off in KDE Plasma. But recently I tried Fedora GNOME again and found myself trying to re-build it’s workflow in Plasma. When I realised I went back to Fedora, looking for improving the workflow in GNOME instead and I found out I actually only needed 3 additional extensions:

  • pop shell for tiling
  • V-Shell to reposition Dash and thus saving pointer screen travel for non-touch screens and not using the keyboard navigation, and also to resize Dash Icons
  • Bring OUt Submenu of Power Off/Logout Button which reduces the exit workflow from 4 clicks back to 2 clicks (no confirm) or 3 clicks (confirm)

This is now apparent trivial UI functionality to me but I can imagine I represent a larger group of users. Therefore I would plead to please add this functionality to regular GNOME and make it available via configuration options.

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Hello Gerco!

They’re thinking about tiling: see Tiling Windows Revisited (#169) · Issues · Teams / Design / os-mockups · GitLab.

For pointer travel, there have already been discussions about it, but nothing has happened (at least for now). In the future, the app grid and the overview might be merged. However, remember that you can switch between windows with the overview and organize the app grid.

For the power buttons, I understand. There is an issue already open about this (advice: if you want to add your voice, don’t forget to read the other comments carefully before, use the like feature and avoid being too insistent): Faster Access To Power Off (#2657) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

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I even have a more aggressive suggestion : increase a voice/text control api so that people can use a command to interact with the application . For example , the text/voice cmd. is related to the label of a button. Does it sound possible ?

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