How to create compile_commands.json in a gtk, meson project created by gnomebuilder?

Hi all!,

I’ve been using the following when working on gtk projects:

  • vim
  • make
  • bear

I use bear -- make to generate the compile_commands.json so that vim (with plugins) can give info while editing. I would like to keep using vim inside of builder in a terminal window. So, on a fresh gtk project using meson for the build instead of make, how do I generate the compile_commands.json?

I thought that by determining how to build the project in a terminal, build-and-run-project-outside-of-builder it might help. It was insightful but didn’t help me. I also looked at Manifests for a property to add but found nothing.

Does anyone use a similar setup or would happen to know?


You run meson setup build and compile_commands.json should be put in your build folder automatically, normally.

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