HiDPI/Xwayland: Why doesn't GNOME do what Plasma does?

In this blog post, Plasma developers described a new method to make legacy (Xwayland) apps respect scaling only when available.

In other words, fractional scaling doesn’t cause the awful blurriness in some apps with the X11 app scaling option set to self-scaling.

Is there any reason why GNOME doesn’t implement this kind of functionality? I understand that KDE is intended more for casual, experimental environments, so these settings are more appropriate there. However, the issue of blurriness in Xwayland applications is practically the only issue I have with GNOME these days! :sweat_smile:

Hello, this was discussed previously.

Short explanation: The KDE toggle is just a temporary solution, it causes other non-scaling X11 clients to break in an even worse way. IMO it is not really appropriate for GNOME or KDE to be shipping that. But note this is just my opinion, I am not a Mutter or KWin developer.

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