GtkPaned : Support for multiple panels?

Hi all.
GtkPaned has support for only two panel (left and right or top and below). Is there any similar widget that allows me to create limitless panels in either side?
Here is an example situation and may be you can tell me how can I do it:
There are a lot of pictures in a folder. When a person opens my application, it opens all the images and attaches them to a grid. Each cell of the grid should be re-sizable and other cells should resize as needed to adjust with the change.

The above is not exactly what I wanna make, but something like that.
Also is there any way to save the state of interface? Like if my user resizes any widget, is there any ready-made function that saves the size of all the widgets and could be reapplied when the user reopens the application.

Please tell me, if Iā€™m not clear :smiley:

You can pack GtkPaned widgets inside each pane of a GtkPaned widget.

Alternatively, you can look at DzlMultiPaned in libdazzle.

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I had the same plan (to use a GtkPanel inside other) but thought that there should be a better option

Not to be a naysayer, but I tried this and if you want the panes to be resizable (and stay the user requested size), be prepared to do some fancy coding. If you are looking for movable and sticky panes, let me know and I will see if I can dig up my code again.

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There was a similar question recently:

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Love your comment of fancy coding. Yea its not gonna be easy. Sticky and Movable panes?? I think may be not now. But Thanks for your attention. Now I wonder how Blender is able to store state of system in a beautiful way :joy:

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