GtkPaned could support more than two sub panes?

GtkPaned is a simple contained layout widget, could make it support more than two sub panes?

In my app, the left pane shows the object tree, the content view stays in the middle pane, the right pane will show some information to hint.

if we put GtkPaned in another GtkPaned widget like content view pane, it will be affected by the content view pane.


DzlMultiPaned from libdazzle ( might be what you are looking for:

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Also see : GtkPaned : Support for multiple panels?

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Thanks all, I know the libdazzle library and the DzlMultiPaned widget,
as a simple layout container widget, I just think GtkPaned widget could be stronger.

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Nobody is working on making GtkPaned support multiple panes/child, and it’s unlikely it’ll be changed before GTK4 is released. The API reflects the fact that it is a two-children container, so it’s not a case of simply adding support for additional children.

As a workaround you can set a minimum size on the context widget or pane whenever it’s visible.

Note that I haven’t actually tested this suggestion but I’m thinking it should work…

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