GtkLabel changes in GTK4


I notice that GtkLabel got some changes like:

  • gtk_label_set_pattern() /// Removed in GTK4

  • gtk_label_set_angle () /// Removed in GTK4

  • gtk_label_get_angle () /// Removed in GTK4

  • gtk_label_set_track_visited_links /// Removed in GTK4

  • gtk_label_get_track_visited_links /// Removed in GTK4

  • gtk_label_set_line_wrap() =>> gtk_label_set_wrap()**

  • gtk_label_get_line_wrap() =>> gtk_label_get_wrap()

  • gtk_label_set_line_wrap_mode() =>> gtk_label_set_wrap_mode()

  • gtk_label_get_line_wrap_mode() =>> gtk_label_get_wrap_mode()**

There are no information on migrating from GTK 3.x to GTK 4 about these changes.

Anyway I am interested in setting angle which was used with gtk_label_set_angle().
How do I do it in GTK4, do I need to use CSS/Pango EG transform: rotate(15deg);?

Feel free to open and issue/merge request; I’d be happy to review a documentation contribution.

Yes, you should use CSS transformations.

You can also use a Pango shaped renderer to draw the contents of a label, like the corresponding demo.

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I hope that This is the right place.

Thank you for your time and answer.

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