Gtk key themes for gnome shell

Emacs gtk key theme is pretty useful to add some common shortcuts to the gtk entries. Basically setting ‘gtk-key-theme’ to ‘Emacs’ using gsettings works great for most of the gtk applications.

Only exception is the gnome-shell. Gnome shell entries do not obey gtk-key-theme setting. It is pretty annoying to lose ability to use Ctrl-h or similar emacs conveniences when focusing an entry on gnome-shell, for example after switching to overview, or using Alt+F1.

I wanted to check for gnome-shell to see whether I can add gtk-keys.css, but along the lines of gtk source code, I saw some commits stating ‘key themes are not used anymore’ like this

So I am wondering whether gtk-key-themes is retiring or gnome-shell has a bug not obeying gtk-key-themes. And If gtk-key-themes is retiring what is the successor?

I’ll let someone more informed than myself answer about if gtk-key-themes is retiring (I think it is, but unsure); but I’m not exactly surprised that the Shell does not respect this settings, as it is not coded using Gtk (it is written using Clutter).

GNOME Shell does not use the GTK CSS parser, so it cannot use the “key themes” syntax. It is not a bug, but a consequence of the Shell not using GTK at all.

There is no replacement planned for loading key bindings. Shortcuts are defined by the toolkit and by applications, and changing them usually leads to collisions/conflicts between new and existing definitions; they make keyboard interaction impossible to document; and they lead to wrong impressions for the supported—and supportable—features of GTK widgets.

How we sustain consistency between gnome-shell and gtk shortcuts, specifically for entries?

Is there any desktop generic setting or standard for shortcuts where someone can set ^h for ‘Backspace’ or ^d for ‘Delete’?

By adopting the same shortcuts desktop-wide.


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