Gtk key themes for gnome shell [continued]

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@ebassi I’m catching up on the discussion of the deprecation of gtk-key-theme. Based on my current understanding this feature has removed and replaced by GtkShortcutsController without an API in place for customizing these mappings.

I fully understand that such an API is not a blocker for the release of GTK 4; however, is the intention that applications that still want to provide a choice would now be handling this on a per-application basis until such an API is created? If so, do you envision the first-class Gnome apps supporting such pull requests?

Additionally, can you also briefly touch on the interactions between GtkShortcutsController and whether it might be extended to support the freedesktop default-keys-spec? I’ve been having trouble tracking down any discussions on the Gnome side regarding this.

Thank you!

Correct. At the toolkit level, we’re not particularly interested in adding functionality to change, save, and restore key bindings, though.

That’s a very open-ended questions, and I don’t have an answer for you.

If a GNOME application wants to have overridable shortcuts then they can implement it however they see fit—likely, with some input from the design team. If three or more applications decide to follow the same UI patterns we might look at providing API in the toolkit—though this is probably a use case for a “GNOME HIG” library.

I have no idea what the “default keys” spec even is. It looks like something randomly discussed in 2003 and never implemented or formalised, not a specification—in other words, just a typical attempt at codifying what every environment already does. The GNOME HIG has a whole section on keyboard input that application developers should follow when writing applications for GNOME. There’s really nothing to be done inside GTK.

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