GNOME Settings documentation hackfest @ FOSDEM 2023

I’m organizing a mini docs hackfest during this year’s FOSDEM focused on updating the existing GNOME user documentation to account for the recent changes in GNOME Settings.

There has been some massive changes in the GNOME Settings interfaces in the past couple of years. New redesigns, the port to GTK4 and lots of new widgets from libadwaita. With that, lots of our user docs became outdated.

There are still ongoing UI changes in GNOME Settings that we should wait on their stabilization before writing documentation, for example:

Please, reply to this topic if you are interested in participating and/or if you have additional gnome-user-docs issues to add to the proposed agenda.

Proposed agenda

Here’s a list of new designs that are somewhat stable and yet have no docs or the existing ones are outdated:

Currently we are discussing some locations to where to host the event. We will update this post once we have a confirmed date/time and place for the event.


  • Felipe Borges
  • Dominika Vagnerova
  • Petr Kovar
  • David King
  • Don Naro
  • Mariko
  • reply to this topic if you are interested in participating

How to try the latest GNOME Settings

The best way to run GNOME Settings with the latest changes is to use a GNOME OS virtual machine in GNOME Boxes. Grab Boxes from Flathub and choose GNOME OS in the “Download an OS” option.

It is preferable to download and install the VM before the event, because this can take some time depending on network bandwidth and/or computer resources.

Alternatively, one can build GNOME Settings in Toolbx or use it’s (limited) Flatpak manifest to build it in GNOME Builder.


Thanks for organising @felipeborges ! I would love to come along. I arrive early Friday afternoon, and leave Sunday afternoon. I am a bit rusty on the user documentation side, but will spend some time before the event getting back up to speed.


I’ll be following at a distance.

Hi @felipeborges I’m interested. It might be worth giving this a shout on one of the writethedocs slack channels.

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We are discussing when is the best date for the hackfest. If you are planning to attend, please vote bellow:

  • Friday morning
  • Friday afternoon
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon

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Hi, I am interested in it! I would be happy if it is held on Saturday since Friday is moving day.

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