GNOME docs @ GUADEC 2023

Hi all, with GUADEC 2023 quickly approaching, I wanted to highlight docs-related sessions to be held at the conference. If you know about more, please add:

Depending on who shows up for the BoF on Sunday, I’d either like to run a newcomers session, or follow up on the GNOME Documentation BoF(GNOME Settings documentation hackfest @ FOSDEM 2023).

See the list assembled by @felipeborges under GNOME Settings documentation hackfest @ FOSDEM 2023. Some of the topics remain unresolved but please add more if you are aware of a specific area not covered.

Before the BoF starts, I’d also triage the issues in Issues · GNOME / gnome-user-docs · GitLab for good BoF candidates.


Hi @pmkovar ! Do you have any minutes on what happened during the BoF?

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