GNOME extension GSConnect does not adhere to system (dark) theme (GNOME 46)

This is a follow-up of this topic, because I could not reply here, as it was locked:

The issue is still apparent, however, as I’ve commented in the “downstream” project issue.

The issue is, the workaround using GNOME Tweaks, as suggested there, does not work anymore:

In GNOME Tweaks, I only have “Adwaita” selectable in the list (for “legacy applications”), but not anything like “dark” (just high contrast themes):

Using Fedora (Silverblue) 40 / GNOME 46. And GSConnect 57.

The gnome-themes-extra package provides the Adwaita-dark theme, looks like you don’t have that installed.

sudo dnf install gnome-themes-extra

Actually, you’re on Silverblue, so… however you’d do the equivalent.

Yeah it’s just rpm-ostree install gnome-themes-extra then.

And yes, BTW, then I can confirm the previous workaround works.