Dog"barking" error message sound?!?


I am pretty new to Ubuntu 20.04 and to Gnome.
I love it to say bye to Windows 10 and embrace Ubuntu! :wink:

This morning I was typing a letter to a friend.
Once I wanted to put it in a map and save it…but something went wrong…and that when I heard a dog barking sound. A while later I understood what went wrong and saved the document.

But this sound…I know it is an error message"sound"…so I tried to fin out when to find it In the settings.
Than I was not even able to find it…so I have not the slightest idea where to find it.

The problem is even bigger…because… I mean…a few days ago we bought a dog.
And we try to get it socialised and help it to learn al kinds of things.
Also, because this lovely dog is a refugee or an asylum dog and…so we often need/ have to calm the dog down.
It is afraid of all kinds of things and in particularly (strange) sounds (for it) and now even the Laptop barks!?!

Please help to solve the problem of my barking Laptop???

Greetz, Oliver :wink:

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It is at the bottom of the Sound panel in Settings:

I don’t know why nobody has removed the “Bark” theme yet, but it’s certainly not supposed to be the default (at least as far as upstream is concerned).


As Florian stated, that’s definitely not the GNOME default sound alert. I see that Ubuntu applies this patch on top which could be the reason why you hear the bark 0023-sound-Add-a-button-to-select-the-default-theme.patch\patches\debian - ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center - [no description]

And thanks for helping dogs! :slight_smile:

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Thanx, the barking is gone.
My dog is quiet now.:wink:

My dog and I are grateful to you.
Thanks a lot.:wink:

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