Disable CloudProviders in left sidebar

Nautilus/Files shows my synchronization folders in the left sidebar.
I dont’ acces many of my synchronization folders very often. Having them in the sidebar thus clutters the list and makes it harder for me to access my bookmarked folders - those are the ones I use often.

So how can I disable the cloud providers in the left Nautilus sidebar?

There is a thread in the nextcloud desktop issue tracker and Nautilus Nextcloud icons are a problem that recommend removing a system file, but I’d rather see a proper solution via e.g. Nautilus settings.

I’m running Debian 12.4 with Gnome 43.2 and NextCloud desktop client 3.7.1.

Interesting. Indeed, there is currently no way to remove them.

The immediate problem with making them removable is that there is no obvious way to add them back.

Would it help if you could reorder them in the list of bookmarks?

An obvious choice would be a config option, but I know how averse Gnome people are to such things.

It would help a bit, but they are still in the “file open”/save dialogs, which have much less vertical space than Nautilus. It would still be cluttered with something I do not need.

Yeah, if we went for a config option every single time we are faced with such design problems, there would be an endless list of config options.

Some problems just need to be thought through and figured out. Config options are sometimes needed, but not when lazy developers just want to push the decisions to somebody else instead of finding a proper solution.

I understand, and I agree. I’m not happy with the way the integration with file sync services is done. But I don’t have an answer for this problem at this time.

While I’m working on the new Network View, I’m going to try to get designers interested in this as a related follow-up.

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