Déjà Dup 43.beta released

Hello all! I’ve just released Déjà Dup 43.beta with some minor fixes on top of the previous alpha, and I’d love any continued testing that folks can manage.

All of the rest of this message is the same as the alpha release - no new features landed in the beta, just bug fixes. And I don’t expect any further features before 43.0, which will likely be made as soon as there is a stable libadwaita to depend on.

New: Microsoft OneDrive storage support

You can now choose Microsoft OneDrive when selecting a storage location in the Preferences screen.

When backing up, you’ll be prompted to connect Déjà Dup to your Microsoft account. Note that you can only use your personal account for this, not your business account.

New: Restic backup support

This is opt-in. Nothing will change for you unless you enable this in Preferences → Labs.

Restic is an alternative underlying backup tool to duplicity. It is hopefully faster, and may allow us to add future features more easily (like changing your encryption password).

This is very early days with our support for Restic, so please don’t enable it for any backups you care about.

New: UI updates

Déjà Dup got ported to gtk4 and libadwaita1. This will hopefully only be a welcome visual refresh. But please be on the lookout for any broken corners of the UI.

Testing Instructions

  1. Remove your existing install, to avoid any confusion.
flatpak uninstall org.gnome.DejaDup
  1. Add the flathub beta repository.
flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo
  1. Install 43.beta from flathub.
flatpak install --or-update flathub-beta org.gnome.DejaDup//beta
  1. And now you should see Backups in your applications list.

All testing is welcome, and reports of either success or failure would be delightful. Either here, or in a gitlab issue .

Thanks for reading!


I love Restic so it’s awesome to see it added to Deja Dup! I’ve made a TUI to workaround the lack of a GUI.


Installed 43.beta using snap. Since I already had the current stable snap version installed, all I needed to do was:

sudo snap switch deja-dup --beta

sudo snap refresh

First impressions: All my preferences carried over to the beta version. The hidden files in my home directory were automatically listed in the “folders to ignore” list. In a previous post I noted that there was a formatting issue where the word “Overview” was clipped off. This issue also is fixed with the beta version…thanks.
First backup: I ticked the box to try the Restic option and hit the Back Up Now Button. A dialog box popped up to create an encryption password. Deja-dup then said it was creating a new back up. The process did not seem any faster or slower than the previous release using duplicity. I then went in to Restore, it asked for the encryption password, I selected a file to restore, it asked for the password again and then successfully restored the file. I should note that it only “saw” this most recent backup. None of the previous backups from the older release of deja-dup were found (as expected since I opted for the Restic version).
Very nice. Seems more polished than prior releases. thanks


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