Call for testing: Déjà Dup 43.alpha

Hello all! I’ve just released Déjà Dup 43.alpha with some big features, and I’d love any testing that folks can manage.

New: Microsoft OneDrive storage support

You can now choose Microsoft OneDrive when selecting a storage location in the Preferences screen.

When backing up, you’ll be prompted to connect Déjà Dup to your Microsoft account. Note that you can only use your personal account for this, not your business account.

New: Restic backup support

This is opt-in. Nothing will change for you unless you enable this in Preferences → Labs.

Restic is an alternative underlying backup tool to duplicity. It is hopefully faster, and may allow us to add future features more easily (like changing your encryption password).

This is very early days with our support for Restic, so please don’t enable it for any backups you care about.

New: UI updates

Déjà Dup got ported to gtk4 and libadwaita1. This will hopefully only be a welcome visual refresh. But please be on the lookout for any broken corners of the UI.

Testing Instructions

  1. Remove your existing install, to avoid any confusion.
flatpak uninstall org.gnome.DejaDup
  1. Add the flathub beta repository.
flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub-beta
  1. Install 43.alpha from flathub.
flatpak install --or-update flathub-beta org.gnome.DejaDup//beta
  1. And now you should see Backups in your applications list.

All testing is welcome, and reports of either success or failure would be delightful. Either here, or in a gitlab issue.

Thanks for reading!


Awesome - can’t wait to try it out! :slight_smile:

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I followed instructions and version 42.8 was installed. Am I missing something?

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Thank you so much for attempting to download it at least!

Hmm, I see 43.alpha in flatpak:

$ flatpak search dejadup
Name     Description               Application ID   Version  Branch Remotes
Déjà Du… Protect yourself from da… …g.gnome.DejaDup 43.alpha beta   flathub-beta
Déjà Du… Keep your important docu… …g.gnome.DejaDup 42.8     stable flathub

What do you see when you run flatpak search dejadup?

Ok, it’s alpha actually installed, it’s just old version number in «About» window confused me,

$ flatpak run org.gnome.DejaDup --version
deja-dup 43.alpha

Next question:
Where can I find config file to enable Restic and other featues mentioned here?

UPD. Forget that, it was problem on my end. Stable version of Déjà Dup was running in the background. Sorry for confusion and thank you!


Hi Michael,

I’ve successfully backed up (encrypted) to OneDrive with version 43 - hooray!

I have had some usability issues though - I think these are related to my local environment:
I’m running the Flatpak on Debian 10 with KDE as the desktop (I’m guessing this isn’t what you had in mind when writing the software). Anyway, the issues are:

  1. I’m having to ‘Grant access’ twice during each backup - despite setting the ‘save password’ radio button
    1.5. I’m having to enter the encryption password at each backup
  2. Backups can’t be scheduled, due to permission to run in the background not being set (in Settings > Applications > Backups). As I’m not running Gnome I’m not sure to what extent you bring those sort of things into the Flatpak (assuming I understand properly how Flatpak works).

Anyway, for my needs, running manually with two ‘grant access’ clicks and a password entry is a big step towards ‘set and forget’.

Thanks for all the work on this.

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Awesome, thanks so much for providing this for us! I tested it on a 1 Terabyte drive that was backed up using the previous version of DejaDup, which was a turtle slow process.
So I installed this and chose the restic db - Damn the 1st complete backup went blazing fast compared to using duplicity! Haven’t tried a recovery yet …

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Hello! It’s true that KDE is not as well tested, so may indeed have some oddities. Thank you for your report!

Not remembering the access grant or encryption password are both due to the same issue. KWallet does not yet support libsecret / org.freedesktop.secret. There’s an MR for KWallet though. I think there’s also a competitor to KWallet that might implement support? But I don’t remember its name.

Until that’s fixed, I can well imagine it will be annoying to use Deja Dup, sorry.

As for background permissions, the popup we show to point the user at how to fix it is indeed aimed at GNOME users (Settings > Applications > Backups). But the mechanism is a generic flatpak thing. KDE may have its own UI for changing flatpak permissions?

But regardless, you can change permissions on the command line:

flatpak permission-set background background org.gnome.DejaDup yes

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