Dead IMAP connections block mail receiving

If I leave Geary running for a few hours, the IMAP connection will die, and the only way to receive mail again is to kill -9 geary and relaunch. This happens each time I launch Geary, without exception, and is probably identical to this bug.

System : Ubuntu 21.04, Geary 3.38.2-1

Backtrace :

Account identifier: [redacted]
Service host: [redacted]
Error type: GearyImapError 2
Message: IMAP object has no session or is not connected

Back trace:

  • geary_problem_report_construct
  • geary_account_problem_report_construct
  • geary_service_problem_report_construct
  • geary_imap_engine_refresh_folder_sync_sync_folder_finish
  • g_subprocess_communicate_utf8_finish
  • g_task_had_error
  • geary_imap_engine_account_processor_set_logging_parent
  • g_subprocess_communicate_utf8_finish
  • g_task_had_error
  • geary_imap_engine_minimal_folder_claim_remote_session
  • g_subprocess_communicate_utf8_finish
  • g_task_had_error
  • geary_imap_folder_session_list_uids_async
  • g_subprocess_communicate_utf8_finish
  • g_subprocess_communicate_utf8_finish
  • g_main_context_dispatch
  • g_io_channel_new_file
  • g_main_context_iteration
  • g_application_run
  • _vala_main
  • __libc_start_main
  • _start

This is

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