Current board members who are staying

The election material (announcement and rules) state that only 4 of the 7 positions are open for election this time. I know the bylaws were changed last year and this is the result. I couldn’t find anywhere however more information on who the three people who will keep their position are. Can someone enlighten me?

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Sorry about that, I’m not sure how that information managed to stay out of the announcement.

We decided that the directors who received the most votes (in the order they were elected in the runoff) in the 2019 election would continue. These were Carlos, Federico, and Allan. Carlos indicated he was unable to commit to another year, so the next runner-up was me.

Continuing: Federico, Allan, and Philip
Seats up for reelection: Carlos, Rob, Britt and Tristan

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@ptomato sent a follow-up mentioning this specific item and quoted you directly, thanks @afranke for pointing this out!

Thanks for providing the information. While we’re at it, can we also have the affiliation of the three directors who are staying in place? This will have to be taken into account at result time and would be useful to know for voters. I know they have been given for all three during the previous election but they may have changed in the meantime and foundation members that joined since then might not know them anyway even if they didn’t change.

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I believe that they are SUSE, RedHat and Igalia.

BTW - this information was also in the recent Board minutes.