Corrections on Tracker's FAQ

Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not sure about what are the right tags for my question.

I would like to correct some layout imperfections on Tracker’s FAQ.

Can I do it without Git, but directly on the web page, like with Wikipedia?

I feel yes, but I would like very much to read a tutorial for that. For example, I don’t know if an SSH key is required for this operation, or if it is only required with Git. (It doesn’t look as simple as Wikipedia anyway.)

While I was writing this msg, I think I’ve found how to do.
Except that I hadn’t found how to compare changes before commit. Since there was not a lot of changes, I committed anyway. (After commit I’ve found that.)

There is an error. Did I sth wrong ?

I find sth more I could correct. Can I edit it before it would be reviewed by people who would do the merge ?

Except that I hadn’t found how to compare changes before commit.

git diff if you haven’t added the changes yet or git diff --cached if you added them already (but haven’t committed them yet).

There is an error . Did I sth wrong ?

Looks more like the CI scripts need to be updated due to some external changes. Not your fault.

I find sth more I could correct. Can I edit it before it would be reviewed by people who would do the merge ?

If you are only working with a single commit you can use --amend when committing to add your new changes to the last commit. Then use --force when pushing to the remote.


I made the corrections directly on the web page, like with Wikipedia, so I don’t think I can do that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess I can do it only with Git, too.

@ebassi I don’t understand your correction, because the question is about how to submit corrections on GNOME’s documentation, not about Tracker.

The Infrastructure category is for topics related to services, websites, accounts, etc. related to the GNOME project’s infrastructure; it’s not a generic “catch all” category for questions related to anything that is hosted on a web server, and it’s not for asking questions about the contents of a website.

You’re asking a question about the content of the Tracker website, so the appropriate tags are:

  • tracker (which is the tag that the Tracker maintainers watch, or should watch)
  • documentation

The “Platform” category is appropriate because you’re talking about a core platform library.

Your topic is also a generic “how do I use GitLab” question, which (again) has nothing to do with the GNOME infrastructure; but, at least under the “tracker” and “documentation” tags you’d get answers from the Tracker developers, who can direct you to the most appropriate workflow for contributing to their project’s documentation.

Thank you for the contribution! The tracker-website CI pipeline is now fixed, and your changes merged (I’ve now remembered to watch the tracker-website repository, too, so I don’t miss future merge requests).

I’ve never used the gitlab web UI myself to make a patch, so can’t help much with that workflow. Gladly the change made it through.

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I’m not sure to understand:
Do you see my 2nd merge request or not?

Did I sth wrong this time?
There is an error again, but I guess it’s not the same as the last.
Maybe I had to merge main in my branch before making new edits? I don’t know git enough.

Saw it now. I just mistook it for the first merge request, my inbox is busy…

It seems that along with some additions, you redid the same changes than the first merge request from scratch, using the same git commit as a start point. Meanwhile in the website there were 1. the CI fixes, and 2. your own changes from the first merge request. This second merge request is both complaining at CI (since the fixes are not there in your tree), and merge conflicts (since some of your changes are already in the target branch)…

Git being git, it is recommended that you make your editions from the most recent change, or there will be maybe merge conflicts to resolve.

I can edit the second merge request to resolve those conflicts and keep only the additional changes, no worries.

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Thank you for clarification. :slight_smile:
It wasn’t obvious because when clicking on Site Feedback - GNOME Discourse, instead of About the Site Feedback category I find Interacting with Discourse via email, and without attention I thought Site Feedback was dedicated to email discussions.

Is it the error I reported?
Sorry, I could not guess it was website content from your point of view, I thought that was related either to a bad use from me, or to the infrastructure. Thank you for your correction. :slight_smile:

If I understand, I should go to GitLab for that, because there is no place here for this kind of question ?

I found an up to date file, I made the changes, then it told me that I hadn’t the right to save the changes! :frowning:
So I searched a quick solution to copy paste and save it, to avoid to lost it.

I didn’t know that my branch would not be up to date, since I used it for the 1st commit…

As far as I can do it, I prefer to do it myself, so I’m learning doing that.

In Pipelines you see that I’ve done Merge branch 'main' into 'main', which is OK.
Diffs are OK too.

From your point of view, is all OK too, or is still sth wrong?

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