Core(-ish) components that need new maintainers

Those core(-ish) components need maintainers:

  • libgudev
  • libgnome-volume-control
  • gnome-user-share
  • geocode-glib

As I don’t have the cycles to work on them. For all those, I’m the only named, or active, maintainer.

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I realise now that I made a similar post in September last year:

I will most likely need to archive the items if no one steps up as I don’t want bug reporters and users to be under the impression that I am maintaining those modules.

I can take libgudev, looks like low-enough effort. Preferably co-maintaining it, never maintained a gnome-related module before. Just shout at me when something aside from issues/merge requests needs doing :slight_smile:

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Done in

I’m willing to take on gnome-user-share given how small the project is and its relation with Nautilus, which I actively contribute to. My foundation ID is kas.

Done in doap: Add Khalid Abu Shawarib as a maintainer (!23) · Merge requests · GNOME / gnome-user-share · GitLab

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Hello again,

Giving it one more week before I request libgnome-volume-control and geocode-glib to be archived.


I can pick up libgnome-volume-control.


Done in doap: Add Emmanuele Bassi as a maintainer (!28) · Merge requests · GNOME / libgnome-volume-control · GitLab

Thank you

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Looks like I was already marked as simply an “author” in geocode-glib.

I hope Jonas is still around to maintain it, otherwise we might be looking for it to break quite a few packages, including some core GNOME ones: