Maintainership of a number of modules


I’ve posted about work assignment changes here:

I’m afraid that this will have an impact on my ability to contribute to GNOME, and GNOME-related projects, at least in the short-term, until I’m told what my new responsibilities will be, and how they will overlap with my old ones.

I’ve recently updated libgnome-volume-control, libgudev has had a recent release, and I will make a new stable release of gnome-bluetooth today.

Let me know if there are any other questions.



This is a real shame.

I think you handled this very well, though. Publicly listing which projects have been abandoned in a blog post is much better than just quietly stopping maintenance. And archiving the projects that were maintained under your personal namespace was also a good idea as it ensures everybody knows they need to move elsewhere before somebody else can restart development.

Hopefully new maintainers will appear in time.


Is it possible to edit the GitLab project description on the archived repos to point to this announcement? Otherwise, it’s really unclear why the repo is archived when it was previously the canonical upstream repository. Alternatively, perhaps they could be un-archived, land one commit modifying the README to point here, and then re-archived. This would help a lot because many people who find the repos will not know about this announcement.

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